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32.4.15 Solve/Animate/Playback...

The Solve/Animate/Playback... menu item opens the Playback panel.

Playback Panel

The Playback panel allows you to play back an animation sequence that was created using the Solution Animation panel and the Animation Sequence panel. See Section  25.20.1 for details about the items below.


Playback   contains the controls that you use to play back the selected animation sequence.
Playback Mode   contains a drop-down list of playback options.

Play Once   sets the option to play back frames from Start Frame to End Frame once.

Auto Repeat   sets the option to continually play back frames from Start Frame to End Frame.

Auto Reverse   sets the option to continually play back the images while reversing playback direction after each set.

Start Frame, End Frame   set the frames at which the animation should begin and end. By changing these numbers you can view a subset of the frames.

Increment   sets the number of frames to increment the frame-counter by when you use the fast-forward or fast-reverse buttons.

Frame   shows the number of the frame that is currently displayed, as well as its relative position in the entire animation. If you slide the bar to a different location, the frame corresponding to the new frame number will be displayed in the graphics window.

(Tape Player Buttons)   allow you to play the animation forward and backward, fast-reverse and fast-forward the animation, and stop it. The buttons function in a way similar to those on a standard video cassette player.

Replay Speed   controls the playback speed for the animation. Move the Replay Speed slider bar to the left to reduce the playback speed (and to the right to increase it).

Animation Sequences   contains the controls that you use to define the sequence to be played back.

Sequences   contains a list of the animation sequences that have been defined.

Delete   deletes the animation sequence that is selected in the Sequences list.

Delete All   deletes all animation sequences in the Sequences list.

Write/Record Format   specifies Animation Frames, Hardcopy Frames, or MPEG as the format in which to save the animation. See Section  25.20.1 for details about these options.

Hardcopy Options...   opens the Graphics Hardcopy panel, in which you can specify parameters for saving the animation to hardcopy files. This button is available only when Hardcopy Frames is selected as the Write/Record Format.

Write   saves the specified file(s) in the current working directory.

Read...   opens the Select File dialog box, in which you can specify the name of the solution animation file to be read. See Section  25.20.1 for details.

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