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32.4.10 Solve/Monitors/Statistic...

The Solve/Monitors/Statistic... menu item opens the Statistic Monitors panel.

Statistic Monitors Panel

You can use the Statistic Monitors panel to control the statistics information that FLUENT reports. See Section  25.18.2 for details about using this panel.



Options   selects the following methods for reporting statistics:
Print   specifies whether or not to print the selected statistics in the console window after each iteration.

Plot   specifies whether or not to plot each of the selected statistics in a separate graphics window after each iteration. The windows that the plots appear in are determined by the First Window option below.

Statistics   contains a list of statistics from which you can select those that are to be plotted. The availability of per/pr-grad is restricted to specified-mass-flow periodic flow calculations while per/bulk-temp-ratio is available only for specified-mass-flow periodic heat transfer calculations. Similarly, time and delta_time are available only if you are modeling unsteady flow.

First Window   sets the window ID for the plot of the first statistic selected. The remaining selected statistics will be plotted in windows with incrementally higher IDs.

Axes...   opens the Axes panel to modify the attributes of the axes.

Curves...   opens the Curves panel to modify the attributes of the data curves.

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