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32.4.5 Solve/Initialize/Initialize...

The Solve/Initialize/Initialize... menu item opens the Solution Initialization panel.

Solution Initialization Panel

The Solution Initialization panel allows you to define values for flow variables and initialize the flow field to these values. See Section  25.14.1 for details about using this panel.



Compute From   is a drop-down list of zones; the default values for applicable variables will be computed from information contained in the zone that you select from this list. The computation will occur when you select the required zone, and the variable values will be displayed in Initial Values. You can also choose the all-zones item in this list to compute average values based on all zones.

Reference Frame   indicates whether the initial velocities are absolute velocities ( Absolute) or velocities relative to the motion of each cell zone ( Relative to Cell Zone). This selection is necessary only if your problem involves moving reference frames or sliding meshes. If there is no zone motion, both options are equivalent.

Initial Values   displays the initial values of applicable variables. You can use Compute From to compute values from a particular zone, or you can enter values directly.

Init   initializes the entire flow field to the values listed.

Reset   resets the fields to their "saved'' values. Values are saved each time the panel is opened, before Compute From is executed, and after Init or Apply is executed.

Apply   stores the current settings in the panel without performing the initialization.

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