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32.3.38 Define/User-Defined/Fan Model...

The Define/User-Defined/Fan Model... menu item opens the User-Defined Fan Model panel.

User-Defined Fan Model Panel

The User-Defined Fan Model panel allows you to periodically regenerate a profile file which can be used to specify the characteristics of a fan, including pressure jump across the fan, and radial and swirling components of velocity generated by the fan. See Section  7.24 for details about this feature and how to use this panel.



Fan Zones   contains a list from which you can select the fan zone(s) on which your executable will operate.

Iteration Update Interval   specifies how often the executable will be called on to update the fan profile file.

Output Profile Points   specifies the number of points in the profile file to be written by FLUENT.

External Command Name   specifies the name of the executable.

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