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32.3.31 Define/User-Defined/Functions/Interpreted...

The Define/User-Defined/Functions/Interpreted... menu item opens the Interpreted UDFs panel.

Interpreted UDFs Panel

The Interpreted UDFs panel allows you to compile user-defined functions. See the separate UDF Manual for details.



Source File Name   sets the name of your user-defined function.

CPP Command Name   sets the name of your C preprocessor.

Stack Size   sets the size of the stack. Keep the default Stack Size setting of 10000, unless the number of local variables in your function will cause the stack to overflow. In this case, set the Stack Size to a number that is greater than the number of local variables used.

Display Assembly Listing   indicates whether or not to display a listing of assembly language code in your console window as the function compiles.

Use Contributed CPP   specifies the use of the C preprocessor that Fluent Inc. has supplied, instead of your own.

Interpret   interprets the specified function.

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