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32.3.27 Define/DTRM Rays...

The Define/DTRM Rays... menu item opens the DTRM Rays panel.

DTRM Rays Panel

The DTRM Rays panel allows you to define the rays used by the discrete transfer radiation model (DTRM). It opens automatically when you click on OK after selecting the Discrete Transfer model in the Radiation Model panel. See Section  13.3.11 for details about the items below.



Clustering   contains parameters for the clusters (see Section  13.3.5).
Cells Per Volume Cluster, Faces Per Surface Cluster   control the number of radiating surfaces and absorbing cells. (See the explanation in Section  13.3.11.)

Angular Discretization   contains parameters for the ray traces (see Section  13.3.5).
Theta Divisions, Phi Divisions   control the number of rays being traced. (Guidelines are provided in Section  13.3.11.)

Display Clusters   generates a graphical display of the clusters in the domain. (This item is available only after you have created or read a ray file.)

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