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32.3.24 Define/Mixing Planes...

The Define/Mixing Planes... menu item opens the Mixing Planes panel.

Mixing Planes Panel

The Mixing Planes panel allows you to define the mixing planes for a mixing plane model. See Section  10.10.2 for details about using the items below.



Mixing Plane   contains a list from which you can select an existing mixing plane, and an informational field in which FLUENT displays the name of the currently selected (or most recently created) mixing plane.

Upstream Zone, Downstream Zone   contain lists from which you can select the boundaries on the upstream and downstream sides of the mixing plane, and informational fields that show the names of the zone you selected in each list. (You cannot edit these fields; the name in each field will be the name of the zone you selected in the list below it.)

Interpolation Points   specifies the number of radial or axial locations used in constructing the boundary profiles for circumferential averaging. This item appears only in 3D.

Mixing Plane Geometry   defines the geometry of the mixing plane interface. This item appears only in 3D.

Radial   specifies that information at the mixing plane interface is to be circumferentially averaged into profiles that vary in the radial direction, e.g., $p(r)$, $T(r)$.

Axial   specifies that circumferentially averaged profiles are to be constructed that vary in the axial direction, e.g., $p(x)$, $T(x)$.

Global Parameters   contains parameters related to the mixing plane calculation.

Under-Relaxation   specifies the under-relaxation factor for updating the boundary values at mixing planes.

Apply   sets the specified Under-Relaxation.

Default   sets the Under-Relaxation to its default value, as assigned by FLUENT. After execution, the Default button becomes the Reset button.

Reset   resets the Under-Relaxation to its most recently saved value (i.e., the value before Default was selected). After execution, the Reset button becomes the Default button.

Create   creates the specified mixing plane (and assigns it a name in the Mixing Plane field).

Delete   deletes the mixing plane selected under Mixing Plane.

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