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32.3.20 Define/Grid Interfaces...

The Define/Grid Interfaces... menu item opens the Grid Interfaces panel.

Grid Interfaces Panel

The Grid Interfaces panel allows you to define grid interfaces for use with sliding meshes (see Section  11.4) or multiple reference frames (see Section  10.5), or for meshes with non-conformal boundaries (see Section  6.4).



Grid Interface   contains a text entry box in which you can set the name of the grid interface, and a list from which you can select an existing grid interface.

Interface Zone 1, Interface Zone 2   contain lists from which you can select the two interface zones that comprise the grid interface, and informational fields that show the name of the zone you selected in each list. (You cannot edit these fields; the name in this field will be the name of the zone you selected in the list below it.)

Interface Type   contains options related to the interface type.

Periodic   indicates (if enabled) that the grid interface is periodic.

Coupled   indicates (if enabled) that the interface lies between a solid zone and a fluid zone.

Boundary Zone 1, Boundary Zone 2   display the names of the wall boundary zones that FLUENT creates during the creation of a non-periodic grid interface. If the two interface zones overlap completely, then there will be no faces outside the intersection region; in such cases, no wall zones will appear in the Boundary Zone 1 and Boundary Zone 2 fields.

Interface Wall Zone 1, Interface Wall Zone 2   display the names of the wall interface zones (e.g., wall-4, wall-4-shadow), which are created if the Coupled option is on.

Create   creates the specified grid interface (and gives it the name specified under Grid Interface).

Delete   deletes the grid interface selected under Grid Interface.

List   lists information about the selected Grid Interface. When you click on this button, FLUENT will report (in the console window) the two interface boundaries and all new zones that were created (i.e., interior, wall, or periodic zones).

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