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32.3.19 Define/Periodic Conditions...

The Define/Periodic Conditions... menu item opens the Periodicity Conditions panel.

Periodicity Conditions Panel

The Periodicity Conditions panel allows you to set parameters that define fully-developed periodic flow and heat transfer. See Sections  9.4.3 and 13.4.3 for details.

(This panel is available only when the pressure-based solver is used; it is not available for the density-based coupled solvers.)



Specify Mass Flow   enables the specification of the mass flow rate.

Specify Pressure Gradient   enables the specification of the pressure gradient.

Mass Flow Rate   specifies the mass flow rate. This item will not be available if you selected the Specify Pressure Gradient option.


For axisymmetric problems, the mass flow rate is per $2\pi$ radians.

Pressure Gradient   specifies the pressure gradient ( $\beta$ in Equation  9.4-3).

Upstream Bulk Temperature   sets the inlet bulk temperature for periodic heat transfer calculations.

Flow Direction   sets the direction of the periodic flow. The direction vector must be parallel to the periodic translation direction or its opposite.

Relaxation Factor   sets the under-relaxation factor that controls convergence of the iteration process described in Section  9.4.3 for specified mass flow.

Number of Iterations   sets the number of subiterations done on the correction of $\beta$ in the pressure correction equation for specified mass flow. See Section  9.4.3 for details.

Update   updates the Pressure Gradient field with the current value.

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