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4.12.17 Tecplot Files

Select Tecplot under File Type and choose the surface(s) for which you want to write data in the Surfaces list. If no surfaces are selected, the data is written for the entire domain. Select the variable(s) for which data is to be saved in the Functions to Write list.

You have the option of exporting data at specified intervals during the calculation through the Solver/Execute Commands... menu option. See Section  4.12.18 for the complete details.

Click the Write... button to save the file, using the Select File dialog box. A single file is written containing the coordinates and scalar functions in the appropriate tabular format.


FLUENT exports Tecplot files in FEBLOCK format. The utility fe2ram can import Tecplot files only in FEPOINT format.


If you intend to postprocess FLUENT data with Tecplot, you can either export data from FLUENT and import it into Tecplot, or use the Tecplot FLUENT Data Loader included with your Tecplot distribution. The data loader reads native FLUENT case and data files directly. If you are interested in this option, contact Tecplot, Inc. for assistance or visit www.tecplot.com.

file/export/tecplot file name list-of-surfaces () list-of-scalars q

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