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32.3.2 Define/Models/Multiphase...

The Define/Models/Multiphase... menu item opens the Multiphase Model panel.

Multiphase Model Panel

The Multiphase Model panel allows you to set parameters for modeling multiphase flow. See Sections  23.9.1- 23.11.2 for details.



Model   allows you to select one of three multiphase models.

Off   disables the calculation of multiphase flow.

Volume of Fluid   enables the VOF model described in Section  23.3.

Mixture   enables the mixture model described in Section  23.4.

Eulerian   enables the Eulerian model described in Section  23.5.

Wet Steam   enables the wet steam model described in Section  23.6.

Number of Phases   allows you to specify the number of phases for the multiphase calculation. You can specify up to 20 phases.

VOF Parameters   contains parameters related to the VOF model. This section of the panel will appear only when Volume of Fluid is the selected Model.

VOF Scheme   allows you to select the desired interface-tracking scheme.

Explicit   enables the Euler explicit scheme, described in Section  23.3.2.

Implicit   enables the implicit scheme, described in Section  23.3.2.

Donor-Acceptor   enables the donor-acceptor scheme, described in
Section  23.3.2. This option will appear only for quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes.

Geo-Reconstruct   enables the geometric reconstruction scheme, described in Section  23.3.2.

Courant Number   specifies the maximum Courant number allowed near the free surface. This item will not appear if the VOF Scheme is Implicit. See Section  23.10.4 for details.

Open Channel Flow   enables the model to study the effects of open channel flow. See Section  23.3.9 for details.

Mixture Parameters   contains options related to the Mixture model.

Slip Velocity   enables/disables the calculation of slip velocities for the secondary phases as described in Section  23.4.5. See also Section  23.9.2.

Body Force Formulation   contains an additional option for body force calculations.

Implicit Body Force   enables the implicit body force treatment described in Section  23.9.4.

Note:   If you want FLUENT to solve the volume fraction equation(s) at every iteration within a time step, use the text command:

define $\rightarrow$ models $\rightarrow$ multiphase $\rightarrow$

and select vof as the model. When prompted to solve vof every iteration?, enter yes.

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