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32.2.11 Grid/Fuse...

The Grid/Fuse... menu item opens the Fuse Face Zones panel.

Fuse Face Zones Panel

The Fuse Face Zones panel allows you to fuse boundaries (i.e., remove duplicate nodes and faces and delete artificial internal boundaries) created by assembling multiple mesh regions. (See Section  6.3.15 for details on importing such meshes.) See Section  6.8.3 for information about using this panel.



Zones   contains a list of face zones from which you can select the boundaries to be fused.

Tolerance   is a fraction of the minimum edge length of the face, used to determine whether or not nodes are coincident. If all of the appropriate faces do not get fused using the default Tolerance, you should increase it and attempt to fuse the zones again. The Tolerance should not exceed 0.5, or you may fuse the wrong nodes.

Fuse   fuses the selected zones. It is enabled only when you have selected a minimum of two zones.

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