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32.2.9 Grid/Separate/Faces...

The Grid/Separate/Faces... menu item opens the Separate Face Zones panel.

Separate Face Zones Panel

The Separate Face Zones panel allows you to separate a single face zone into multiple zones of the same type. See Section  6.8.2 for details.



Options   specifies the method on which the face separation is to be based.
Angle   indicates that the face zone is to be separated based on significant angle (specified in the Angle field).

Face   indicates that the face zone is to be separated by putting each face in the zone into its own zone.

Mark   indicates that the face zone is to be separated based on the marks stored in adaption registers.

Region   indicates that the face zone is to be separated based on contiguous regions.

Registers   contains a list of defined adaption registers. If you are separating faces by mark, select the adaption register to be used in the Registers list. When the separation is performed, all faces of cells that are marked will be placed into a new face zone.

Zones   contains a list of face zones from which you can select the zone to be separated.

Angle   specifies the significant angle to be used when you separate a face zone based on angle. Faces with normal vectors that differ by an angle greater than or equal to the specified significant angle will be placed in different zones when the separation occurs.

Separate   separates the selected face zone based on the specified parameters.

Report   reports what the result of the separation will be without actually separating the face zone.

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