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32.2.7 Grid/Polyhedra/Convert Skewed Cells...

The Grid/Polyhedra/Convert Skewed Cells... menu item opens the Convert Skewed Cells panel. This panel allows you to convert part of your domain to polyhedral cells. See Section  6.8.8 for details. For information about converting skewed cells see Section  6.7.3.

Convert Skewed Cells Panel



Cell Zones   displays the zones that can be selected for cell conversion.

Maximum Cell Skewness   displays the cells skewness parameters of the current mesh.
Current   displays the current maximum cell skewness of the mesh.

Cells Above Target (%)   displays the percentage of cells which are above the Target skewness.


The Cells Above Target (%) should be only a couple of percentage points, else the conversion will be ineffective due to the high face count.

Target   alows you to specify the maximum allowable cell skewness.


To update the Cells Above Target, (%)Press <Enter> after entering Target value.

Convert   converts the selected zones to polyhedral cells.

Apply   saves the value entered for Target.

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