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32.1.55 File/Interpolate...

The File/Interpolate... menu item opens the Interpolate Data panel.

Interpolate Data Panel

The Interpolate Data panel allows you to interpolate solution data from one grid to another. See Section  4.13 for details.



Options   contains the interpolation options.

Read and Interpolate   allows you to read and interpolate solution data onto the current grid.

Write Data   allows you to write an interpolation file for the solution data to be interpolated onto another grid.

Cell Zones   is a list of cell zones that can be selected.

Fields   is a list of all available data fields that can be selected. This list is available only when Write Data is selected under Options.

Read...   opens the Select File dialog box, in which you can specify the file to be read. This button is available only when the Read and Interpolate option is selected.

Write...   opens the Select File dialog box, in which you can specify a name for the file to be saved and then save the file. This button replaces the Read... button when the Write Data option is selected.

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