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1.1.3 Starting FLUENT on a Windows System

There are two ways to start FLUENT on a Windows system:

Specifying the Solver Version from the FLUENT Version Panel

When you start FLUENT from the Programs menu the FLUENT Version panel will appear, where you can specify the dimensionality of the problem (2D or 3D), as well as whether you want a single-precision or double-precision calculation:

Figure 1.1.3: The FLUENT Version Panel for Full and Postprocessing Simulations


runs the two-dimensional, single-precision solver,


runs the two-dimensional, double-precision solver,


runs the three-dimensional, single-precision solver, and


runs the three-dimensional, double-precision solver.

Furthermore, you can choose to start the full FLUENT simulation or only postprocessing capabilities by selecting either Full Simulation or Post Only from the Mode drop-down list. The full FLUENT simulation allows you to set up, solve and postprocess a problem, while Post Only allows you to set up or postprocess a problem, but will not allow you to perform calculations.

For starting the parallel version of FLUENT, refer to Section  31.2.

Launching the 32-Bit Version of FLUENT on a 64-Bit Windows Machine

If you have a 32-bit Windows system, then by default the 32-bit version will be launched when starting FLUENT.

If you have a 64-bit Windows system, then by default the 64-bit version will be launched when FLUENT is started. You can launch the 32-bit version of FLUENT on the 64-bit Windows machine by typing the following in a Command Prompt window:

fluent -antx86

Specifying the Solver Version in the Select Solver Panel

If you type fluent on the command line, as described in Section  1.1.3, the startup console window (the text window and the main menu bar) will appear. You can start the appropriate version by selecting the Run... menu item in the File menu.

File $\rightarrow$ Run...

The Select Solver panel will appear as shown in Figure  1.1.4. (You can also start FLUENT on a remote machine or start the parallel version from this panel, as described in Sections  1.2 and 31.2.)

Figure 1.1.4: The FLUENT Version Is Selected Using the Select Solver Panel

You will normally follow the steps below to start a solver from the panel:

1.   Specify a 2D or 3D solver by turning the 3D option on or off under Versions.

2.   Specify the precision by turning the Double Precision option on or off under Versions.

3.   Click the Run button.

If the program executable is not in your search path, you can specify a complete pathname to the executable in the Program text entry box before clicking Run.

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