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4.12.9 EnSight Case Gold Files

Select EnSight Case Gold under File Type and select the scalars you want to write in the Functions to Write list.

You can select the Location from which the values of scalar functions are to be taken. If you specify the data Location as Node, then the data values at the node points are exported. If you choose Cell Center, then the data values from the cell centers are exported. For boundary faces, it is the face center values that are exported when the Cell Center option is selected.

You can also specify the file Format as Binary or ASCII. The advantage of the binary format is that it takes less time to load the exported files into EnSight.

Click the Write... button to save the file for the specified function(s), using the Select File dialog box. EnSight Case Gold has four file formats:

If you enable the Transient option, specify a value for Append Frequency and the File Name. All of the geometry, velocity, and scalar files (e.g., file.geo, file.vel, file.scl1, etc.) are appended after the specified number of time steps during the solution process. The time values are written to the EnSight case file (e.g., file.encas), which also lists all of the other exported file names. You can write separate files for each time step by enabling the Separate Files for Each Timestep option. To save the transient parameters, click Apply.


When exporting EnSight Case Gold files for transient simulations, note the following:
  • You cannot switch the solver between serial and parallel.

  • You cannot change the number of compute nodes for a given parallel run. If this is attempted, the exported EnSight Case Gold files for each time step will not be compatible.


For non-stationary reference zones, all the velocities are exported to EnSight as velocities relative to the selected reference zone. See the informational note in Section  4.12.8 for further details.


FLUENT supports exporting polyhedral data to EnSight.

file/export/ensight-gold file name list-of-scalars q yes|no

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