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4.12.7 CGNS Files

Select CGNS under File Type and specify the scalars you want in the Functions to Write list.

Select the Location from which the values of scalar functions are to be taken. If you specify the data Location as Node, then the data values at the node points are exported. If you choose Cell Center, then the data values from the cell centers are exported. For boundary faces, it is the face center values that are exported when the Cell Center option is selected.

You have the option of exporting data at specified intervals during the calculation through the Solver/Execute Commands... menu option. See Section  4.12.18 for the complete details.

Click the Write... button to save the file, using the Select File dialog box. CGNS (CFD general notation system) is a single file (e.g., file.cgns) containing coordinates, connectivity, zone information, velocity, and selected scalars.

file/export/cgns file name location list-of-scalars q

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