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31.4 Checking Network Connectivity

For any compute node, you can print network connectivity information that includes the hostname, architecture, process ID, and ID of the selected compute node and all machines connected to it. The ID of the selected compute node is marked with an asterisk.

The ID for the FLUENT host process is always host. The compute nodes are numbered sequentially starting from node-0. All compute nodes are completely connected. In addition, compute node 0 is connected to the host process.

To obtain connectivity information for a compute node, you can use the Parallel Connectivity panel (Figure  31.4.1).

Parallel $\rightarrow$ Show Connectivity...

Figure 31.4.1: The Parallel Connectivity Panel

Indicate the compute node ID for which connectivity information is desired in the Compute Node field, and then click the Print button. Sample output for compute node 0 is shown below:

ID     Comm.   Hostname        O.S.        PID     Mach ID HW ID   Name
host   net     balin          Linux-32    17272   0       7       Fluent Host
n3     hp      balin          Linux-32    17307   1       10      Fluent Node
n2     hp      filio          Linux-32    17306   0       -1      Fluent Node
n1     hp      bofur          Linux-32    17305   0       1       Fluent Node
n0*    hp      balin          Linux-32    17273   2       11      Fluent Node

O.S is the architecture, Comm. is the communication library (i.e., MPI type), PID is the process ID number, Mach ID is the compute node ID, and HW ID is an identifier specific to the interconnect used.

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