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31.2.1 Starting Parallel FLUENT on a Windows System Using Command Line Options

To start the parallel version of FLUENT using command line options, you can use the following syntax in a Command Prompt window:

fluent version -t nprocs [-p interconnect ] [-mpi= mpi_type ] -cnf= hosts_file
-path\\ computer_name \ share_name


For example, the full command line to start a 3d parallel job on the first 4 computers listed in a hosts file called hosts.txt is as follows:

fluent 3d -t4 -cnf=hosts.txt -path\\computer1\fluent.inc

The default interconnect ( ethernet) and the default communication library ( mpich2) will be used since these options are not specified.


The first time that you try to run FLUENT in parallel, a separate Command Prompt will open prompting you to verify the current Windows account that you are logged into. Press the <Enter> key if the account is correct. If you have a new account password, enter in your password and press the <Enter> key, then verify your password and press the <Enter> key. Once the username and password have been verified and encrypted into the Windows Registry, then FLUENT parallel will launch.

The supported interconnects for dedicated parallel ntx86 and win64 Windows machines, the associated MPIs for them, and the corresponding syntax are listed in Tables  31.2.1- 31.2.3:

Table 31.2.1: Supported Interconnects for the Windows Platform
Platform Processor Architecture Interconnects*
Windows 32-bit
ethernet (default)
ethernet (default), infiniband, myrinet
(*) Node processes on the same machine communicate by shared memory.

Table 31.2.2: Available MPIs for Windows Platforms
MPI Syntax (flag) Communication Library Notes
mpich2 -mpi=mpich2 MPICH2 MPI (1), (2)
ms -mpi=ms Microsoft MPI (1), (2)
net -mpi=net socket (1), (2)
(1) Used with Shared Memory Machine (SSM) where the memory is shared between the processors on a single machine.
(2) Used with Distributed Memory Machine (DMM) where each processor has it's own memory associated with it.

Table 31.2.3: Supported MPIs for Windows Architectures (Per Interconnect)
Architecture Ethernet Myrinet Infiniband
ntx86 mpich2 (default), net - -
win64 mpich2 (default), ms, net ms ms

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