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30.3 Field Variables Listed by Category

In Tables  30.3.1- 30.3.13, the following restrictions apply to marked variables:

2d available only for 2D flows
2da available only for 2D axisymmetric flows (with or without swirl)
2dasw available only for 2D axisymmetric swirl flows
3d available only for 3D flows
bns available only for broadband noise source models
bnv node values available at boundaries
cpl available only in the density-based solvers
cv available only for cell values ( Node Values option turned off)
des available only when the DES turbulence model is used
dil not available with full multicomponent diffusion
do available only when the discrete ordinates radiation model is used
dpm available only for coupled discrete phase calculations
dtrm available only when the discrete transfer radiation model is used
fwh available only with the Ffowcs Williams and Hawkings acoustics model
e available only for energy calculations
edc available only with the EDC model for turbulence-chemistry interaction
emm available also when the Eulerian multiphase model is used
ewt available only with the enhanced wall treatment
gran available only if a granular phase is present
h2o available only when the mixture contains water
id available only when the ideal gas law is enabled for density
ke available only when one of the $k$- $\epsilon$ turbulence models is used
kw available only when one of the $k$- $\omega$ turbulence models is used
les available only when the LES turbulence model is used
melt available only when the melting and solidification model is used
mix available only when the multiphase mixture model is used
mp available only for multiphase models
nox available only for NOx calculations
np not available in parallel solvers
nv uses explicit node value function
p available only in parallel solvers
p1 available only when the P-1 radiation model is used
pdf available only for non-premixed combustion calculations
pmx available only for premixed combustion calculations
ppmx available only for partially premixed combustion calculations
r available only when the Rosseland radiation model is used
rad available only for radiation heat transfer calculations
rc available only for finite-rate reactions
rsm available only when the Reynolds stress turbulence model is used
s2s available only when the surface-to-surface radiation model is used
sa available only when the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model is used
seg available only in the pressure-based solver
sp available only for species calculations
sr available only for surface reactions
sol available only when the solar model is used
soot available only for soot calculations
stat available only with data sampling for unsteady statistics
stcm available only for stiff chemistry calculations
t available only for turbulent flows
turbo available only when a turbomachinery topology has been defined
udm available only when a user-defined memory is used
uds available only when a user-defined scalar is used
v available only for viscous flows

Table 30.3.1: Pressure and Density Categories
Category Variable

Static Pressure ( bnv)
Pressure Coefficient
Dynamic Pressure
Absolute Pressure ( bnv)
Total Pressure ( bnv)
Relative Total Pressure
Density All

Table 30.3.2: Velocity Category
Category Variable

Velocity Magnitude ( bnv)
X Velocity ( bnv)
Y Velocity ( bnv)
Z Velocity ( 3d, bnv)
Swirl Velocity ( 2dasw, bnv)
Axial Velocity ( 2da or 3d)
Radial Velocity
Stream Function ( 2d)
Tangential Velocity
Mach Number ( id)
Relative Velocity Magnitude ( bnv)
Relative X Velocity ( bnv)
Relative Y Velocity ( bnv)
Relative Z Velocity ( 3d, bnv)
Relative Axial Velocity ( 2da)
Relative Radial Velocity ( 2da)
Relative Swirl Velocity ( 2dasw, bnv)
Relative Tangential Velocity
Relative Mach Number ( id)
Grid X-Velocity ( nv)
Grid Y-Velocity ( nv)
Grid Z-Velocity ( 3d, nv)
Velocity Angle
Relative Velocity Angle
Vorticity Magnitude ( v)
Helicity ( v, 3d)
X-Vorticity ( v, 3d)
Y-Vorticity ( v, 3d)
Z-Vorticity ( v, 3d)
Cell Reynolds Number ( v)
Preconditioning Reference Velocity ( cpl)

Table 30.3.3: Temperature, Radiation, and Solidification/Melting Categories
Category Variable

Static Temperature ( e, bnv, nv)
Total Temperature ( e, nv)
Enthalpy ( e, nv)
Relative Total Temperature ( e)
Rothalpy ( e, nv)
Fine Scale Temperature ( edc, nv, e)
Wall Temperature (Outer Surface) ( e, v)
Wall Temperature (Inner Surface) ( e, v)
Total Enthalpy ( e)
Total Enthalpy Deviation ( e)
Entropy ( e)
Total Energy ( e)
Internal Energy ( e)

Absorption Coefficient ( r, p1, do, or dtrm)
Scattering Coefficient ( r, p1, or do)
Refractive Index ( do)
Radiation Temperature ( p1 or do)
Incident Radiation ( p1 or do)
Incident Radiation (Band n) ( do (non-gray))
Surface Cluster ID ( s2s)

Liquid Fraction ( melt)
Contact Resistivity ( melt)
X Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated))
Y Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated))
Z Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated), 3d)
Axial Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated), 2da)
Radial Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated), 2da)
Swirl Pull Velocity ( melt (if calculated), 2dasw)

Table 30.3.4: Turbulence Category
Category Variable

Turbulent Kinetic Energy (k) ( ke, kw, or rsm; bnv, nv, or emm)
UU Reynolds Stress ( rsm; emm)
VV Reynolds Stress ( rsm; emm)
WW Reynolds Stress ( rsm; emm)
UV Reynolds Stress ( rsm; emm)
UW Reynolds Stress ( rsm, 3d; emm)
VW Reynolds Stress ( rsm, 3d; emm)
Turbulence Intensity ( ke, kw, or rsm)
Turbulent Dissipation Rate (Epsilon) ( ke or rsm; bnv, nv, or emm)
Specific Dissipation Rate (Omega) ( kw)
Production of k ( ke, kw, or rsm; emm)
Modified Turbulent Viscosity ( sa)
Turbulent Viscosity ( sa, ke, kw, rsm, or des)
Effective Viscosity ( sa, ke, kw, rsm, or des; emm)
Turbulent Viscosity Ratio ( ke, kw, rsm, sa, or des; emm)
Subgrid Kinetic Energy ( les)
Subgrid Turbulent Viscosity ( les)
Subgrid Effective Viscosity ( les)
Subgrid Turbulent Viscosity Ratio ( les)
Subgrid Filter Length ( les)
Effective Thermal Conductivity ( t, e)
Effective Prandtl Number ( t, e)
Wall Ystar ( ke, kw, or rsm)
Wall Yplus ( t)
Turbulent Reynolds Number (Re_y) ( ke or rsm; ewt)
Relative Length Scale (DES) ( des)

Table 30.3.5: Species, Reactions, Pdf, and Premixed Combustion Categories
Category Variable

Mass fraction of species-n ( sp, pdf, or ppmx; nv)
Mole fraction of species-n ( sp, pdf, or ppmx)
Molar Concentration of species-n ( sp, pdf, or ppmx)
Lam Diff Coef of species-n ( sp, dil)
Eff Diff Coef of species-n ( t, sp, dil)
Thermal Diff Coef of species-n ( sp)
Enthalpy of species-n ( sp)
species-n Source Term ( rc, cpl)
Surface Deposition Rate of species-n ( sr)
Surface Coverage of species-n ( sr)
Relative Humidity ( sp, pdf, or ppmx; h2o)
Time Step Scale ( sp, stcm)
Fine Scale Mass fraction of species-n ( edc)
Fine Scale Transfer Rate ( edc)
$1$-Fine Scale Volume Fraction ( edc)

Rate of Reaction-n ( rc)
Arrhenius Rate of Reaction-n ( rc)
Turbulent Rate of Reaction-n ( rc, t)

Mean Mixture Fraction ( pdf or ppmx; nv)
Secondary Mean Mixture Fraction ( pdf or ppmx; nv)
Mixture Fraction Variance ( pdf or ppmx; nv)
Secondary Mixture Fraction Variance ( pdf or ppmx; nv)
Fvar Prod ( pdf or ppmx)
Fvar2 Prod ( pdf or ppmx)
Scalar Dissipation ( pdf or ppmx)

Progress Variable ( pmx or ppmx; nv)
Damkohler Number ( pmx or ppmx)
Stretch Factor ( pmx or ppmx)
Turbulent Flame Speed ( pmx or ppmx)
Static Temperature ( pmx or ppmx)
Product Formation Rate ( pmx or ppmx)
Laminar Flame Speed ( pmx or ppmx)
Critical Strain Rate ( pmx or ppmx)
Adiabatic Flame Temperature ( pmx or ppmx)
Unburnt Fuel Mass Fraction ( pmx or ppmx)

Table 30.3.6: NOx, Soot, and Unsteady Statistics Categories
Category Variable

Mass fraction of NO ( nox)
Mass fraction of HCN ( nox)
Mass fraction of NH3 ( nox)
Mass fraction of N2O ( nox)
Mole fraction of NO ( nox)
Mole fraction of HCN ( nox)
Mole fraction of NH3 ( nox)
Mole fraction of N2O ( nox)
NO Density ( nox)
HCN Density ( nox)
NH3 Density ( nox)
N2O Density ( nox)
Variance of Temperature ( nox)
Variance of Species ( nox)
Variance of Species 1 ( nox)
Variance of Species 2 ( nox)
Rate of NO ( nox)
Rate of Thermal NO ( nox)
Rate of Prompt NO ( nox)
Rate of Fuel NO ( nox)
Rate of N2OPath NO ( nox)
Rate of Reburn NO ( nox)
Rate of SNCR NO ( nox)
Rate of USER NO ( nox)

Mass fraction of soot ( soot)
Mass fraction of Nuclei ( soot)
Mole fraction of soot ( soot)
Soot Density ( soot)
Rate of Soot ( soot)
Rate of Nuclei ( soot)
Unsteady Statistics...
Mean quantity-n ( stat)
RMS quantity-n ( stat)

Table 30.3.7: Phases, Discrete Phase Model, Granular Pressure, and Granular Temperature Categories
Category Variable
Phases... Volume fraction ( mp)
Discrete Phase Model...

DPM Mass Source ( dpm)
DPM Erosion ( dpm, cv)
DPM Accretion ( dpm, cv)
DPM X Momentum Source ( dpm)
DPM Y Momentum Source ( dpm)
DPM Z Momentum Source ( dpm, 3d)
DPM Swirl Momentum Source ( dpm, 2dasw)
DPM Sensible Enthalpy Source ( dpm, e)
DPM Enthalpy Source ( dpm, e)
DPM Absorption Coefficient ( dpm, rad)
DPM Emission ( dpm, rad)
DPM Scattering ( dpm, rad)
DPM Burnout ( dpm, sp, e)
DPM Evaporation/Devolatilization ( dpm, sp, e)
DPM Concentration ( dpm)
DPM species-n Source ( dpm, sp, e)
Granular Pressure... Granular Pressure ( emm, gran)
Granular Temperature... Granular Temperature ( emm, gran)

Table 30.3.8: Properties, Wall Fluxes, User Defined Scalars, and User Defined Memory Categories
Category Variable

Molecular Viscosity ( v)
Diameter ( mix, emm)
Granular Conductivity ( mix, emm, gran)
Thermal Conductivity ( e, v)
Specific Heat (Cp) ( e)
Specific Heat Ratio (gamma) ( id)
Gas Constant (R) ( id)
Molecular Prandtl Number ( e, v)
Mean Molecular Weight ( seg, pdf)
Sound Speed ( id)
Wall Fluxes...

Wall Shear Stress ( v, cv, emm)
X-Wall Shear Stress ( v, cv, emm)
Y-Wall Shear Stress ( v, cv, emm)
Z-Wall Shear Stress ( v, 3d, cv, emm)
Axial-Wall Shear Stress ( 2da, cv)
Radial-Wall Shear Stress ( 2da, cv)
Swirl-Wall Shear Stress ( 2dasw, cv)
Skin Friction Coefficient ( v, cv, emm)
Total Surface Heat Flux ( e, v, cv)
Radiation Heat Flux ( rad, cv)
Solar Heat Flux ( sol, cv)
Absorbed Radiation Flux (Band-n) ( do, cv)
Absorbed Visible Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Absorbed IR Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Reflected Radiation Flux (Band-n) ( do, cv)
Reflected Visible Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Reflected IR Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Transmitted Radiation Flux (Band-n) ( do, cv)
Transmitted Visible Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Transmitted IR Solar Flux ( sol, cv)
Beam Irradiation Flux (Band-n) ( do, cv)
Surface Incident Radiation ( do, dtrm, or s2s; cv)
Surface Heat Transfer Coef. ( e, v, cv)
Wall Func. Heat Tran. Coef. ( e, v, cv)
Surface Nusselt Number ( e, v, cv)
Surface Stanton Number ( e, v, cv)
User Defined Scalars...
Scalar-n ( uds)
Diffusion Coef. of Scalar-n ( uds)
User Defined Memory... udm-n ( udm)

Table 30.3.9: Cell Info, Grid, and Adaption Categories
Category Variable
Cell Info...

Cell Partition ( np)
Active Cell Partition ( p)
Stored Cell Partition ( p)
Cell Id ( p)
Cell Element Type
Cell Zone Type
Cell Zone Index
Partition Neighbors

X-Coordinate ( nv)
Y-Coordinate ( nv)
Z-Coordinate ( 3d, nv)
Axial Coordinate ( nv)
Angular Coordinate ( 3d, nv)
Abs. Angular Coordinate ( 3d, nv)
Radial Coordinate ( nv)
X Surface Area
Y Surface Area
Z Surface Area ( 3d)
X Face Area
Y Face Area
Z Face Area ( 3d)
Cell Equiangle Skew
Cell Equivolume Skew
Cell Volume
2D Cell Volume ( 2da)
Cell Wall Distance
Face Handedness
Face Squish Index
Cell Squish Index

Table 30.3.10: Grid Category (Turbomachinery-Specific Variables) and Adaption Category
Category Variable

Meridional Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Abs Meridional Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Spanwise Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Abs (H-C) Spanwise Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Abs (C-H) Spanwise Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Pitchwise Coordinate ( nv, turbo)
Abs Pitchwise Coordinate ( nv, turbo)

Adaption Function
Adaption Curvature
Adaption Space Gradient
Adaption Iso-Value
Existing Value
Boundary Cell Distance
Boundary Normal Distance
Boundary Volume Distance ( np)
Cell Volume Change
Cell Surface Area
Cell Warpage
Cell Children
Cell Refine Level

Table 30.3.11: Residuals Category
Category Variable

Mass Imbalance ( seg)
Pressure Residual ( cpl)
X-Velocity Residual ( cpl)
Y-Velocity Residual ( cpl)
Z-Velocity Residual ( cpl, 3d)
Axial-Velocity Residual ( cpl, 2da)
Radial-Velocity Residual ( cpl, 2da)
Swirl-Velocity Residual ( cpl, 2dasw)
Temperature Residual ( cpl, e)
Species-n Residual ( cpl, sp)
Time Step ( cpl)
Pressure Correction ( cpl)
X-Velocity Correction ( cpl)
Y-Velocity Correction ( cpl)
Z-Velocity Correction ( cpl, 3d)
Axial-Velocity Correction ( cpl, 2da)
Radial-Velocity Correction ( cpl, 2da)
Swirl-Velocity Correction ( cpl, 2dasw)
Temperature Correction ( cpl, e)
Species-n Correction ( cpl, sp)

Table 30.3.12: Derivatives Category
Category Variable

Strain Rate ( v)
dZ-Velocity/dx ( 3d)
dAxial-Velocity/dx ( 2da)
dRadial-Velocity/dx ( 2da)
dSwirl-Velocity/dx ( 2dasw)
d species-n/dx ( cpl, sp)
dZ-Velocity/dy ( 3d)
dAxial-Velocity/dy ( 2da)
dRadial-Velocity/dy ( 2da)
dSwirl-Velocity/dy ( 2dasw)
d species-n/dy ( cpl, sp)
dX-Velocity/dz ( 3d)
dY-Velocity/dz ( 3d)
dZ-Velocity/dz ( 3d)
d species-n/dz ( cpl, sp, 3d)
dOmega/dx ( 2dasw)
dOmega/dy ( 2dasw)
dp-dX ( seg)
dp-dY ( seg)
dp-dZ ( seg, 3d)

Table 30.3.13: Acoustics Category
Category Variable

Surface dpdt RMS ( fwh)
Acoustic Power Level (dB) ( bns)
Acoustic Power ( bns)
Jet Acoustic Power Level (dB) ( bns, 2da)
Jet Acoustic Power ( bns, 2da)
Surface Acoustic Power Level (dB) ( bns)
Surface Acoustic Power ( bns)
Lilley's Self-Noise Source ( bns)
Lilley's Shear-Noise Source ( bns)
Lilley's Total Noise Source ( bns)
LEE Self-Noise X-Source ( bns)
LEE Shear-Noise X-Source ( bns)
LEE Total Noise X-Source ( bns)
LEE Self-Noise Y-Source ( bns)
LEE Shear-Noise Y-Source ( bns)
LEE Total Noise Y-Source ( bns)
LEE Self-Noise Z-Source ( bns, 3d)
LEE Shear-Noise Z-Source ( bns, 3d)
LEE Total Noise Z-Source ( bns, 3d)

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