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30. Field Function Definitions

You must select flow variables for a number of tasks in FLUENT. The values are computed and placed in temporary memory that is allocated for storing the results for each cell. For example, the Compute command associated with a panel that contains the field variable drop-down list calculates the values of the selected function and places them into temporary storage.

Sections  30.1 and 30.2 provide some general information related to the field variables. In Section  30.3, the variables are listed by category in Tables  30.3.1- 30.3.13. These tables will also indicate when each variable will be available. Section  30.4 contains an alphabetical listing of the variables along with their definitions. All variables appear as they would in the variable selection drop-down lists that are contained in many of the FLUENT panels. Section  30.5 explains how you can calculate your own field function.

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