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29.5 Surface Integration

You can compute the area or mass flow rate, or the integral, area-weighted average, flow rate, mass-weighted average, sum, facet average, facet maximum, facet minimum, vertex average, vertex minimum, and vertex maximum for a selected field variable on selected surfaces in the domain. These surfaces are sets of data points created by FLUENT for each of the zones in your model, or defined by you using the methods described in Chapter  27, or by using the Text User Interface, described in Chapter  3.

Since a surface can be arbitrarily positioned in the domain, the value of a variable at each data point is obtained by linear interpolation of node values. For some variables, these node values are computed explicitly by the solver. For others, however, only cell-center values are computed, and the node values are obtained by averaging of the cell values. These successive interpolations can lead to small errors in the surface integration reports. (Chapter  30 provides information on which variables have computed node values.)

Example uses of several types of surface integral reports are given below:

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