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29.2 Fluxes Through Boundaries

For selected boundary zones, you can compute the following quantities:

For example, you might use flux reporting to compute the resulting mass flow through a duct with pressure boundaries specified at the inlet and exit.

Flux Reporting with Particles and Volumetric Sources

Note that the reported mass and heat balances address only flow that enters or leaves the domain through boundaries; they do not include the contributions from user-defined volumetric sources or particle injections. For this reason, a mass or heat imbalance may be reported. To determine if a solution involving a discrete phase is converged, you can compare this imbalance with the change in mass flow or heat content computed in the particle tracking summary report. The net flow rate or heat transfer rate reported in the Flux Reports panel should be nearly equal to the Change in Mass Flow or Heat Content in the summary report generated from the Particle Tracks panel.

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