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28.8.9 Modifying Curve Attributes

The data curves in XY plots and histograms can be represented by any combination of lines and markers. You can modify the attributes of the curves, including the patterns, weights, and colors of the lines, and the symbols, sizes, and colors of the markers. For each type of plot (solution XY, file XY, residual, histogram, etc.), you can set different curve parameters in the Curves panel (Figure  28.8.12). Note that the title following Curves in the panel indicates which plot environment you are changing (e.g., the Curves - Solution XY Plot panel controls curve parameters for solution XY plots).

Figure 28.8.12: The Curves Panel

To open the Curves panel for a particular plot type, click the Curves... button in the appropriate panel (e.g., Solution XY Plot, File XY Plot, or Residual Monitors panel).

Using the Curves Panel

The Curves panel allows you to independently control the characteristics of each data curve in an XY plot or histogram. To set parameters for a curve, you will follow the procedure below:

1.   Specify the curve for which you want to modify the attributes by increasing or decreasing the Curve # counter. The curves are numbered sequentially, starting from 0. For example, if you were plotting flow-field values on two surfaces, the first surface would be curve 0, and the second, curve 1. If the plot contains only one curve, the Curve # is set to 0 and is not editable.

2.   Set the desired line and/or marker parameters as described below.

3.   Click Apply and then choose another Curve # and repeat the steps, if desired.

Your changes to the curve attributes will appear in the graphics window the next time you generate a plot.

Changing the Line Style

You can control the pattern, color, and weight of the line using the controls under the Line Style heading:

Changing the Marker Style

You can control the symbol, color, and size for the data marker using the controls under the Marker Style heading:

Previewing the Curve Style

To see what a particular setting will look like in the plot, you can preview it in the Sample window of the Curves panel. A single marker and/or line will be shown with the specified style attributes.

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