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28.8.5 XY Plot File Format

The XY file format read or written by FLUENT includes the following information:

The following sample file illustrates the XY file format:

(title "Velocity Magnitude")
(labels "Position" "Velocity Magnitude")

((xy/key/label "pressure-inlet-8")
 (xy/key/visible? #t)
 (xy/line/pattern "--")
0.0000 230.097
0.0625 160.551
0.1250 149.205
0.5000 183.007

Similar to the case file format, parentheses bound the various pieces of information in the formatted, ASCII file. The title (title " ") and labels (labels " ") must be first in the file, then each curve has information in the form ((cxvar value) x y x y x y ...), where there may be zero or more Cortex variables defined for each curve.

You do not have to include Cortex variables to import your XY data. For example, you may wish to import experimental data to compare with the FLUENT solution. The following example would use the default Cortex variables in the code to define the data. After you import the file into FLUENT, you could then use the Axes panel and the Curves panel to customize the XY plot, as described in Sections  28.8.8 and 28.8.9.

(title "Experiment, Run 11")
(labels "X, m" "Cp")
( 0 1.5
  1.5 1.3
  3.2 1.5
  5.1 1.2

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