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4.12 Exporting Files

The current release of FLUENT allows you to export data to ABAQUS, ANSYS, ANSYS Input, ASCII, AVS, CGNS, Data Explorer, EnSight, FAST, FIELDVIEW, I-deas, NASTRAN, PATRAN, RadTherm, and Tecplot formats. Section  4.12.1 explains how to save data in these formats, and Sections  4.12.2 to 4.12.17 provide specific information for each type of File Type. Section  4.12.18 explains how to export data during the calculation.

For NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS Input, I-deas Universal, and PATRAN file formats, the following quantities are exported [ 4]:


When using the parallel version of FLUENT, you can export only the following packages:

  • ANSYS Input

  • CGNS

  • EnSight Case Gold

  • Fieldview Unstructured

  • I-deas Universal



  • Tecplot


FLUENT cannot import surfaces. Consequently, if you export a file from FLUENT with surfaces selected, you may not be able to read these files back into FLUENT. However, TGrid can import surface data (see the TGrid User's Guide for details).


FLUENT supports exporting polyhedral data only for ASCII, EnSight Case Gold, and Fieldview Unstructured file formats. For further details, see Sections  4.12.5, 4.12.9, and 4.12.12.

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