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28.7.2 Equipment Required

In general, recording an animation to video requires a system with the following hardware components:

Computer   with video hardware to produce the video signal.

Editing VTR   (video tape recorder) that supports frame-accurate recording.

VTR Controller   which enables computer software to control the recording process.

Two VTR controller models are supported by FLUENT: the V-LAN controller developed by Videomedia, Inc., and the MiniVAS/MiniVAS-2 controller developed by the V.A.S. Group. FLUENT assumes that your recording system is set up as shown in Figure  28.7.1 for a system with a V-LAN controller or as shown in Figure  28.7.2 for a system with a MiniVAS controller.

Figure 28.7.1: Recording System with V-LAN Controller

Figure 28.7.2: Recording System with MiniVAS/MiniVAS-2 Controller

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