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28.5.2 Changing an Object's Display Properties

To enhance the scene in the graphics window, you can change the color, visibility, and other display properties of each geometric object in the scene. You can specify different colors for displaying the edges and faces of a grid object to show the underlying mesh (edges) when the faces of the grid are filled and shaded. You can also make a selected object temporarily invisible. If, for example, you are displaying the entire grid for a complicated problem, you can make objects visible or invisible to display only certain boundary zones of the grid without regenerating the grid display using the Grid Display panel. You can also use the visibility controls to manipulate geometric objects for efficient graphics display or for the creation of animations. These features, plus several others, are available in the Display Properties panel (Figure  28.5.2).

Figure 28.5.2: The Display Properties Panel

To set the display properties described above, select one or more objects in the Names list in the Scene Description panel and then click the Display... button to open the Display Properties panel for that object or group of objects.

Controlling Visibility

There are several ways for you to control the visibility of an object. All visibility options are listed under the Visibility heading in the Display Properties panel.

Once you have set the appropriate display parameters, click the Apply button to update the graphics display.

Controlling Object Color and Transparency

The Display Properties panel also lets you control an object's color and how transparent it is. All color and transparency options are listed under the Colors heading.


If you save a hardcopy of a display with transparent surfaces, you should not set the File Type in the Graphics Hardcopy panel to Vector.

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