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28.2.3 Changing the Legend Display

FLUENT graphics include, by default, a captions or legend block that consists of fields of text describing the contents of the graphic, the FLUENT product identification, an axis triad indicating the orientation of the displayed object, and a color key defining the correspondence between each color and the magnitude of the plotted variable. You can turn off the display of the legend and color scale, and/or the axis triad. You can also display the colormap on any side of the display window as per convenience. In addition you can also edit the captions directly in the graphics window.

Enabling/Disabling the Legend and Color Scale

You can disable the display of the Titles, Axes, and the Colormap scale by deselecting each of the options under Layout in the Display Options panel (Figure  28.2.2).

Display $\rightarrow$ Options...

Note that you can use the text interface to enable/disable the captions and color scale individually, and to change the size and position of the captions and color scale.

display $\rightarrow$ set $\rightarrow$ windows $\rightarrow$ text $\rightarrow$

display $\rightarrow$ set $\rightarrow$ windows $\rightarrow$ scale $\rightarrow$

See the Text Command List for details.

Editing the Legend

When captions are displayed in the graphics window, you may choose to modify, delete, or add to the text that appears in the caption box. To do so, click the left mouse button in the desired location. A cursor will appear, and you can then type new text or delete the text that was originally there (using the backspace or delete key). Note that changes to existing text in the caption block will be removed when you draw new graphics in the window (unless you are overlaying multiple graphics in the same window), but text that you add on a previously empty line in the caption block will not be removed until the default caption text makes use of that line.

Adding a Title to the Caption

You can define a title for your problem using the title text command:

display $\rightarrow$ set $\rightarrow$ title

The title you define will appear on the top line of the caption, at the far left, in all subsequent plots. It will also be saved in the case file.


You will need to enclose your title in quotation marks (e.g., "my title").

Enabling/Disabling the Axes

You can disable the display of the axis triad by turning off the Axes option under Layout in the Display Options panel (Figure  28.2.2).

Colormap Alignment

You can set the position of the colormap on any side (left, top, bottom, or right) of the display window. Default alignment for the colormap is set to the Left. If you wish to change the alignment, select the required direction in the Colormap Alignment drop-down list.

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