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28.2.2 Opening Multiple Graphics Windows

During your FLUENT session, you can open up to 12 graphics windows at one time. The windows are numbered 0 through 11 and the ID number for each window will appear at the top of the frame that surrounds it. The first time you display graphics, window 0 will open automatically. To open an additional window, you can use the Display Options panel (Figure  28.2.2).

Display $\rightarrow$ Options...

Figure 28.2.2: The Display Options Panel

Use the up arrow to increment the window ID in the Active Window field under Graphics Window and then click the Open button.

To close an open window, increase or decrease the Active Window value to the ID of the window to be closed, and then click the Close button that appears next to the Active Window field. (The Open button will change to the Close button if the Active Window is open.)

Setting the Active Window

When you have more than one graphics window open, you must identify the active window so that FLUENT will know which one to draw the plot in. There are two ways to set the active window: you can simply click any mouse button in the desired graphics window, or you can specify the ID for the desired graphics window in the Active Window field (in the Display Options panel) and click the Set button. Regardless of the method used, this window will remain active until you set a new active window.

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