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28.1 Basic Graphics Generation

In FLUENT you can generate graphics displays showing grids, contours, profiles, vectors, and pathlines. Some graphics are generated using variables that are plotted directly from the FLUENT data file once the file has been read. The variables listed in the data file depend on the models active at the time the file is written. Variables that are required by the solver, based on the current model settings, but are missing from the data file are set to their default values. For those missing variables, one iteration should be performed in order to obtain the required values for generating the plot. A complete list of variables stored in the data file is available in ( xfile.h) and can be accessed as stated in Section  B.5. The following sections describe how to create these plots. (Generation of histogram and XY plots is discussed in Section  28.8.)


If your model includes a discrete phase, you can also display the particle trajectories, as described in Section  22.16.1.

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