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4.11.15 PTC Mechanica Design Files

To import a PTC Mechanica Design file use the File/Import/PTC Mechanica Design... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ PTC Mechanica Design...

This will open the Select File dialog box. Specify the name of the neutral file to be read.

The PTC Mechanica Design file contains analysis, model and results data. Only the binary form of the results data files is supported.

The form of the file must have the .neu extension.


Mechanica results consists of an entire directory structure of files, called a "study" in Mechanica terminology, which must be used in exactly the form that Mechanica originally generates it. FLUENT's VKI interface keys on the .neu file and can traverse the directory structure from there to access the other files that it needs.

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