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26.11.3 Displaying Registers

Viewing the cell markings is often helpful in the process of creating hybrid adaption functions. You can plot a marker at the cell centroid and/or a wireframe of the cell to view the state of the cell. By default, the cells marked for refinement are colored in red, and the cells marked for coarsening are marked in cyan. In addition, cells marked ACTIVE in a mask register are also colored red. These are the cells that are marked for adaption, but the final number of cells added or subtracted from the grid depends on the adaption limits and the grid characteristics.

To display a register, do the following:

1.   Choose the register in the Registers list.

2.   Set the display options by clicking on the Options... button.

3.   Click on the Display button.

Adaption Display Options

Various aspects of the adaption register display can be modified, such as the wireframe visibility and shading, marker visibility, color, size, and symbol. Also, you can select either surface or zone grids for the display.

The adaption register display capability allows you to view the cells that are flagged for adaption.

All of these options are set in the Adaption Display Options panel (Figure  26.11.5). You can also open this panel by clicking on the Options... button in the Manage Adaption Registers panel.

Adapt $\rightarrow$ Display Options...

Figure 26.11.5: The Adaption Display Options Panel

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