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26.10.2 Performing Geometry-Based Adaption

The Geometry Based Adaption panel (Figure  26.10.7) allows you to reconstruct the geometry while performing boundary adaption.

Adapt $\rightarrow$ Geometry...

Figure 26.10.7: The Geometry Based Adaption Panel

The procedure for performing geometry-based adaption is as follows:

1.   Enable the Reconstruct Geometry option.

2.   Under Wall Zones, select the zone you want to adapt and click Set.... The Geometry Based Adaption Controls panel will open.

Figure 26.10.8: The Geometry Based Adaption Controls Panel

In the Geometry Based Adaption Controls panel, set the following parameters:

  • Specify Levels of Projection Propagation to indicate the number of layers of the nodes you want to project.

  • Enable Direction of Projection and specify the directions in which you want to project the nodes.

      This will activate the parameters X, Y and Z. If you want node projection in the X direction, specify X=1. If you do not activate this option, the node projection will take place at the nearest point.

  • (optional) If you have fine surface mesh for the geometry, you can use the Background Mesh option to load the surface mesh as a background mesh. This will project the nodes based on the background mesh and reconstruct the geometry more accurately.

  • To disable the geometry reconstruction for any zone in the domain,

    activate Disable Geometry Based Adaption for this Zone.

3.   To disable geometry-based adaption for the whole domain, disable Reconstruct Geometry.

After setting the parameters for geometry-based adaption proceed to mesh adaption.

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