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26.7.2 Region Adaption Example

Figure  26.7.1 shows a mesh that was created for solving the flow around a flap airfoil. The mesh is very fine near the surface of the airfoil so that the viscous-affected region may be resolved. However, the mesh grows very rapidly away from the airfoil, because of which the flow separation known to occur on the suction surface of the flap will not be properly predicted. To avoid this problem, the grid is adapted within circular regions (selected by mouse probe) surrounding the flap. The result is shown in Figure  26.7.2. When the region adaption is performed, the minimum cell volume for adaption is limited (as described in Section  26.12) to prevent the very small cells near the surface from being refined further.

Figure 26.7.1: Flap-Airfoil Mesh Before Adaption

Figure 26.7.2: Flap-Airfoil Mesh after Region Adaption

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