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26.6.1 Performing Isovalue Adaption

You can perform isovalue adaption in the Iso-Value Adaption panel (Figure  26.6.3).

Adapt $\rightarrow$ Iso-Value...

Figure 26.6.3: The Iso-Value Adaption Panel

The general procedure for performing isovalue adaption is as follows:

1.   Select the desired solution variable in the Iso-Values of drop-down list and click on Compute to update the Min and Max fields.

2.   Choose the Inside or Outside option and set the Iso-Min and Iso-Max values.

  • If you choose Inside, cells with isovalues between Iso-Min and Iso-Max will be marked or refined.

  • If you choose Outside, cells with isovalues less than Iso-Min or greater than Iso-Max will be marked or refined.

3.   (optional) If you want to set any adaption options (described in Section  26.12), click Controls... button to open the Grid Adaption Controls panel.

4.   Click Mark to mark the cells for refinement by placing them in an adaption register (which can be manipulated as described in Section  26.11.1), or click Adapt to perform the refinement immediately.

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