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4.11.10 LSTC Files

To import an LSTC input file use the File/Import/LSTC/Input File... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ LSTC $\rightarrow$ Input File...

The LSTC input file is a text file which contains the input description of a finite element model for the LS-DYNA finite element program. This interface only produces datasets associated with the grid, no results datasets are produced. The element types commonly associated with structural analysis are supported.

LSTC input files have the following file extensions: .k, .key, and .dyn

To import an LSTC state file use the File/Import/LSTC/State File... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ LSTC $\rightarrow$ State File...

The state file consists of three major sections: control data, geometry data, and state data. Each dataset in the state data section corresponds to the time and global data items associated with each state on the database. Dataset attributes include such things as time, energy, and momentum.

An LSTC state file has a .d3plot file extension.

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