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25.19.1 Specifying the Commands to be Executed

You will indicate the command(s) that you want the solver to execute at specified intervals during the calculation using the Execute Commands panel (Figure  25.19.1).

Solve $\rightarrow$ Execute Commands...

Figure 25.19.1: The Execute Commands Panel


If you want to save case or data files at intervals during the calculation, you must use the Autosave Case/Data panel. See Section  4.3.4 for details.

The procedure is as follows:

1.   Increase the Defined Commands value to the number of commands you wish to specify. As this value is increased, additional command entries will become editable. For each command, you will perform the following steps.

2.   Turn on the On check button next to the command if you want it to be executed during the calculation. You may define multiple commands and choose to use only a subset of them by turning off the check button for those that you do not wish to use.

3.   Enter a name for the command under the Name heading.

4.   Indicate how often you want the command to be executed by setting the interval under Every and selecting Iteration or Time Step in the drop-down list below When. ( Time Step is a valid choice only if you are calculating unsteady flow.) For example, to execute the command every 10 iterations, you would enter 10 under Every and select Iteration under When.


If you specify an interval in iterations, be sure to keep the Reporting Interval in the Iterate panel at its default value of 1.

5.   Define the command by entering a series of text commands in the Command field, or by entering the name of a command macro you have defined (or will define) as described in Section  25.19.2.


If the command to be executed involves saving a file, see Section  25.19.3 for important information.

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