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25.18.2 Monitoring Statistics

If you are solving a fully-developed periodic flow, you may want to monitor the pressure gradient or the bulk temperature ratio, as discussed in Section  9.4.

If you are solving an unsteady flow (especially if you are using the explicit time stepping option), you may want to monitor the "time'' that has elapsed during the calculation. The physical time of the flow field starts at zero when you initialize the flow. (See Section  25.17 for details about modeling unsteady flows.)

If you are using the adaptive time stepping method described in Section  25.17.2, you may want to monitor the size of the time step, $\Delta t$.

You can use the Statistic Monitors panel (Figure  25.18.3) to print or plot these quantities during the calculation.

Solve $\rightarrow$ Monitors $\rightarrow$ Statistic...

Figure 25.18.3: The Statistic Monitors Panel

The procedure for setting up this monitor is listed below:

1.   Indicate the type of report you want by turning on the Print option for a printout or the Plot option for a plot. You can enable these options simultaneously.

2.   Select the appropriate quantity in the Statistics list.

3.   If you are plotting the quantities, you can set any of the plotting options discussed below.

Plot Parameters

If you choose to plot the statistics, there are several display parameters you can modify.

In the First Window field, you can specify the ID of the graphics window in which the plot will be drawn (or in which the first plot will be drawn, if you are plotting more than one quantity.) When FLUENT is iterating, the active graphics window is temporarily set to this window to update the plot, and then returned to its previous value. Thus, the statistics plot can be maintained in a separate window that does not interfere with other graphical postprocessing. Note that additional quantities that you have selected in the Statistics list will be plotted in windows with incrementally higher IDs.

You can also modify the attributes of the plot axes and curves. Click the Axes... or Curves... button to open the Axes panel or Curves panel. See Sections  28.8.8 and 28.8.9 for details.

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