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25.8.2 Other Discretization Schemes

The QUICK and third-order MUSCL discretization schemes may provide better accuracy than the second-order scheme for rotating or swirling flows. The QUICK scheme is applicable to quadrilateral or hexahedral meshes, while the MUSCL scheme is used on all types of meshes. In general, however, the second-order scheme is sufficient and the QUICK scheme will not provide significant improvements in accuracy.


If QUICK is used for hybrid meshes, it will be invoked only for quadrilateral and hexahedral cells. Second-order discretization will be applied to all other cells.

A power law scheme is also available, but it will generally yield the same accuracy as the first-order scheme.

The bounded central differencing and central differencing schemes are available only when you are using the LES and DES turbulence models, and the central differencing scheme should be used only when the mesh spacing is fine enough so that the magnitude of the local Peclet number (Equation  25.3-3) is less than 1.

A modified HRIC scheme (Section  25.3.1) is also available for VOF simulations using either the implicit or explicit formulation.

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