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4.11.4 Meshes and Data in CGNS Format

To import meshes in CFD general notation system (CGNS) format (.cgns) into FLUENT, use the File/Import/CGNS/Mesh... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ CGNS $\rightarrow$ Mesh...

To import a mesh and the corresponding CGNS data, use the File/Import/CGNS/Mesh & Data... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ CGNS $\rightarrow$ Mesh & Data...

To import only the CGNS data, use the File/Import/CGNS/Data... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Import $\rightarrow$ CGNS $\rightarrow$ Data...


To import data correctly, first import the mesh using the mesh only option ( Mesh...), set up the boundary conditions, and read the data using the data only option ( Data...). For example, if a boundary zone is of type pressure-outlet and is read as outlet, it should be changed to pressure-outlet before importing the data.


The new and original grids should have the same zones, numbered in the same order. A warning is issued if they do not, because inconsistencies can create problems with the boundary conditions.

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