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1. Introduction

The Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) module is provided as an addon module with the standard FLUENT licensed software. A special license is required to use the MHD module.

Magnetohydrodynamics refers to the interaction between an applied electromagnetic field and a flowing, electrically-conductive fluid. The FLUENT MHD model allows you to analyze the behavior of electrically conducting fluid flow under the influence of constant (DC) or oscillating (AC) electromagnetic fields. The externally-imposed magnetic field may be generated either by selecting simple built-in functions or by importing a user-supplied data file. For multiphase flows, the MHD model is compatible with both the discrete phase model (DPM), the volume-of-fluid (VOF) and Eulerian mixture approaches in FLUENT, including the effects of a discrete phase on the electrical conductivity of the mixture.

This document describes the FLUENT MHD model. Chapter  2 provides theoretical background information. Chapter  3 summarizes the UDF-based software implementation. Instructions for getting started with the model are provided in Chapter  4. Appendix  A provides a condensed overview on how to use the MHD model, while Appendix  B contains defintions for the magnetic field, Appendix  C describes the external magnetic field data format, and Appendix  D lists the text commands in the MHD model.

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