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2. Introduction to FLUENT

FLUENT is a state-of-the-art computer program for modeling fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries. FLUENT provides complete mesh flexibility, including the ability to solve your flow problems using unstructured meshes that can be generated about complex geometries with relative ease. Supported mesh types include 2D triangular/quadrilateral, 3D tetrahedral/hexahedral/pyramid/wedge/polyhedral, and mixed (hybrid) meshes. FLUENT also allows you to refine or coarsen your grid based on the flow solution.

FLUENT is written in the C computer language and makes full use of the flexibility and power offered by the language. Consequently, true dynamic memory allocation, efficient data structures, and flexible solver control are all possible. In addition, FLUENT uses a client/server architecture, which allows it to run as separate simultaneous processes on client desktop workstations and powerful compute servers. This architecture allows for efficient execution, interactive control, and complete flexibility between different types of machines or operating systems.

All functions required to compute a solution and display the results are accessible in FLUENT through an interactive, menu-driven interface.

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