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1. Introduction to Fluent Inc.

Fluent is the world's largest provider of commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and services. Fluent offers general-purpose CFD software for a wide range of industrial applications, along with highly automated, specifically focused packages. Fluent also offers CFD consulting services to customers worldwide. The staff at Fluent consists mostly of individuals with highly technical backgrounds as applied CFD engineers. In addition, Fluent employs experts in computational methods, mesh generation, and software development.

Fluent's clients are the market leaders and the largest companies in industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical and materials processing, power generation, biomedical, HVAC, and electronics.

Fluent is committed to furthering the body of knowledge on CFD, and to improving the effectiveness of computer modeling as a design and analysis tool in general. We invest in both internal research and development, and participate in collaborations with leading academic establishments, governments, and industry groups. We continue to explore and implement strategic alliances with both hardware and software providers to achieve greater synergy and efficiency for our customers.

Fluent's mission has been clear from the beginning: to work closely with customers to understand their fluid-flow challenges, to provide both software and services tailored to their needs, and to continually measure our success as a function of theirs. As a result of our continuing efforts to fulfill our mission, we have enjoyed outstanding user loyalty throughout our history.

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