Chapter 9: Multipoint Constraints and Assemblies

You can use the internal multipoint constraint (MPC) approach (KEYOPT(2) = 2), in conjunction with certain bonded and no separation contact definitions (KEYOPT(12) = 4, 5, or 6), to define various contact assemblies and kinematic constraints. This capability is available for contact elements CONTA171, CONTA172, CONTA173, CONTA174, CONTA175, CONTA176, and CONTA177. By this method, the program builds MPC equations internally based on the contact kinematics. You can use this method to model the following contact assemblies and surface-based constraints:

The internal MPC approach can overcome the drawbacks of the traditional contact algorithms and other multipoint constraint tools. For example:

The following MPC topics are available:

Before using the internal MPC feature, be sure to review the last topic listed above on restrictions and recommendations.

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