3.5.3. Importing a Mesh File

ANSYS Polyman allows you to import mesh files created for Polyflow (.msh or .poly) or Fluent (.msh) using the File/Import/Polyflow mesh menu item:

File Import Polyflow mesh

In the resulting Choose a file panel, select the appropriate .msh or .poly file and click Open (or double-click the file name). You will then be prompted to specify the simulation or mesh repository where you want to save this file. The file name will be noted in the Mesh file leaf in the relevant branch of the Simulation(s) section of the project tree.

The use of the File/Import/Polyflow mesh menu item allows you to read files directly (see also Reading Files Directly), as opposed to a process whereby the mesh file is converted (see Importing a .poly File and Converting Mesh Files Created by Other Programs).

Note:  Directly loading an ICEM or Fluent mesh file saves time by not converting the file to native Polyflow .msh format. It also fixes some of the problems associated with the conversion tool. Sometimes the conversion can lead to small unwanted geometry changes. These geometry changes do not occur with direct loading. Use care when importing data files, as data files created on converted meshes may not be compatible with directly loaded meshes.

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