5.2.1. Reading Files Directly

The following files can be read directly into ANSYS Polydata:

To read a file directly into ANSYS Polydata, use the Read a mesh file menu item in the top-level ANSYS Polydata menu.

 Read a mesh file

When prompted, specify the name of the file to be read.

The use of the Read a mesh file menu item allows you to read files directly (see also Importing a Mesh File), as opposed to a process whereby the mesh file is converted (see Importing a .poly File and Converting Mesh Files Created by Other Programs). Note that for data files created using version 15.0 with a CutCell mesh, the topological environment may be different depending on whether the mesh file was read directly or converted; that is, the ordering of the boundary conditions and subdomains within Polydata may be different. This means that for such cases, you must ensure that the mesh and data files are compatible. Optional Conversion to a Case File

ANSYS Polydata allows you to reuse an ANSYS Polyflow mesh for a simulation with ANSYS Fluent. Note that there are two limitations to this conversion:

  • The conversion is not possible if the mesh is subdivided.

  • The PMeshes are skipped.

After a mesh has been read, it is possible to convert it into a case file. When prompted, specify the name of the case file.

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