22.3. Files Created by Autodyn

In Windows, Autodyn will use the user temporary folder for temporary files and log file creation. The local user must have read/write permission to this folder. The location of this folder in Windows 7 systems is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp. On Windows XP systems, the location of the folder is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp. On Linux, temporary session files and log files are written to the model data folder.

File NameFile Content
autodyn.logSession log file that provides an overview of the models that have been run and possible error messages.
version.logAutodyn session file that provides an overview of the licenses obtained from the license server.

Autodyn files associated with a particular analysis model with name my_ident are created in the model data folder.

File NameFile Content
my_ident_0.adAnalysis model file containing the original model setup.
my_ident_xxx.adSave file with the full model data at cycle xxx. Analysis can be restarted or continued from this file.
my_ident.filRemap file containing the results of a previous analysis to be mapped onto the current model.
my_ident.hisTime history file containing the time histories of variables at specified gauge locations.
my_ident.logAnalysis model log file containing analysis run data such as cycle summaries and CPU usage data.
my_ident_slvxx.logParallel model log file from slave number xx which provides analysis data from the part of the model that resides on slave xx.
my_ident.prtAnalysis print out file which provides analysis model summaries and user requested print output.
my_ident_xxx.resResults file with user selected model data at cycle xxx. Resides in sub-folder my_ident_adres. Analysis can not be restarted or continued from this file.
my_ident.sumSummary file containing material and part summary data.
my_ident.uhsUser history file containing text output (HTML or CVS) of simulation time history plots.

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