6.2. View Slides

The View Slides option on the Navigation Bar starts the Slide Viewer (it can also be run independently of Autodyn).

The Viewer lets you load and view GIF and GFA animations.

Figure 6.1:  Components of the Viewer's user interface

Components of the Viewer's user interface

View Window

This is where your animations are shown.

Pull-down Menus

Control Bar

Controls the playing of the GIF or GFA animation you have loaded.

Clicking a button on this bar performs the following actions (you can type the corresponding Hotkey as an alternative to pressing a button).

View Bar

This bar appears only when you have loaded a GFA animation.

The buttons on this bar let you control how you view your GFA animation and work in the same way as the corresponding icons in the Autodyn toolbar.

Frames Slider

Enables you to move quickly to any frame in the animation(s).

Speed Slider

Adjusts the playback speed for animations.


Check this box if you want the animation(s) to automatically start again from the first frame when the last frame is reached.

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